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if you need my attention, please throw rocks at me

So if ddr were turned into a tv show/anime sort of thing, and you were in charge of writing episodes, what are 3 things you would DEFINITELY put in the story arc?

Mm, realistically:

- Yuni’s Christmas party briefly hinted at in X2’s website where everybody exchanges gifts.
- Some kind of freestyle tournament, or where they could tag-team and pair up. Even a regular DDR tournament would be neato to see where everyone stacks up and have an excuse to bring in lesser known characters for a bit.
- Devil Zukin. That’s it; she just needs to be herself. She would be like some stalker overseer and after that I dunno.
- Also Queen Zukin’s dream adventures need to be animated or something.

This all provided that the things in Street Master Mode are guaranteed to happen and I don’t have to worry about including those episodes. x]

Wish list:

- As much shipping as possible. xP I loved how the first Teen Titans cartoon shipped everybody but really only had one canon pairing that wasn’t even perfect until the end, and if I godmodded DDR I’d do that with everybody. x]
- but seriously more Zero and Alice
- Rinon’s story with the dark one into a movie.
- Michael to come back.
- whoops that’s 4 in each list

(tl;dr: I have a fudgeton of ideas but I love hearing other peeps’ ideas, too; the more they fit into canon the better)

My scenario ideas have dwindled a lot and thus I haven’t written fanfics in a long while :’D I had this goofy scope of pre-Supernova ideas (apparently still saved on my comp) involving…

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Will you buy my takoyaki?!

Will you buy my takoyaki?!

Tomodachi Life photo dump

tomodachi life though

Thanks to Picano getting a fantastic deal on two games I took Tomodachi Life from him. I played the demo and had Zero and Alice become frands so they could make out in the full version

I have had this game for 24 hours including sleep and work and what is going on

YES but that’s not how ships work you have to be in the awkward phase for at least a decade

I told her they were a good match anyway and then chaos ensued later

well it suited him

While I was at work, my sister(’s Mii named Snappy) became best friends with Zero and I’m like effing how but whatever I ain’t afraid of no best friends

Alice wanted to confess her love to picanogfx's raccoon Mii and I was like “uhh that's not a good idea” so she cried.

Meanwhile, Picano’s Mii wanted to confess his love to my sister

and I was like “what are you on you’ve known her for like a day” and he cried

and I was tired of crushing dreams so when my sister decided to confes her love to Zero I sort of intentionally fudged it up and made it silly

and well

there is still hope for Alice

as for “Snappy”

what a rollercoaster


Pokemon Amie - Slurpuff

Requested by Anonymous


Oh my…


Oh my…

oh yeah if your wondering Miraidagakki is future tom tom

Ahh. I looked it up on YouTube after you sent me this. It looks cute.

and many countries away

"This isn’t a joke!"

Zenius do you know how hard it is to read a topic about DDR X and not make tons of comments about how Zero was the best thing to happen in DDR

like talk about holding my tongue; I have it chained to a fence