I cannot fathom

why we can’t promote the idea of saving sex for your livelong partner

that is a good thing

and if everyone did that, a lot of society’s problems would not be so big

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So last night we ran out of Toilet Paper. We improvised. This is college.

it looks cute time to give up

it looks cute time to give up

what if it was a decade in the future and Julio is one of the last DDR players at the age of 22 and Rinon comes back in the same android form she was always in and she’s the only one that will play the game with him

or maybe she DOES age with him and they have a real dance together

or maybe she ages faster and I don’t know has a cyborg ever matured faster than a human

Reagardless, Rinon is coming back and if anyone says otherwise I’m going to plug my ears and sing

very tempted to run a DDR character blog


I have too many headcanons and now I’m getting some of Rinon and Julio

As always, you never ever ever have to follow chain letters

BUT if you get the “five nice things about yourself” message, you must absolutely, by law, think of five nice things about yourself.

becaise I effin said so

In fact, even if you didn’t get the message, you shoooould totally reflect on how cool you are, anyway.

Once you get this you have to publicly say 5 nice things about yourself and then share with 10 of your favorite followers! ;-)
  1. I can apparently drive super late at night on the interstate, which is useful when you’re hauling sleepy people home from DDR.
  2. I thhhhink I have a good work ethic. At least at work, ahahaha.
  3. I’m in good shape, exercise-stamina-wise.
  4. My dance moves are *fabulous.*
  5. I’m good at parodies.

Ahhh this is hard, but I’m going to force this on people for self-esteem boosts. >:D

Kirby was never finished no. =C I still hold out hope that one day it will be.

</obligatory DDR reference>

That’s too bad, but props to the two groups who got through like episode 81 (yay youtube). Did anyone ever do the last couple? o_o Those looked goood.

also let me tell you a thing about ships

We got Rinon a bunch of times and Julio a bunch of times and there was oooone time my friends got Julio and Rinon together and I really think I need to draw them

then I told you about the demo shipping Geisha and Victory so I am liking this machine’s ships

As Zero showed up a dozen times, he was basically paired with every girl on the machine. I’m not even sure he was with any of the dudes, but I have a selective memory. Alls I know is if Zero and Rage were together, I’d’ve at least remembered that. xP

but we could NOT get Alice for the longest time, so I kept chanting at the machine “please be Alice, pleeeease be Alice, please.” I was just like “You know, I’ll bet Zero was laughing in the X2 site because he was referring to the fact that he keeps Alice to himself in the background and you’ll never get to use her.”



BEST DAY EVER I hope I can remember it all

So two friends an I took a 3-hour road trip to go play DDR X2, knowing full well that it’s an American cabinet and although the pads were going to suck and the characters would be on random, by God we were going to have the whole X2 songlist on a sacred HD screen with the dark filter and good quality sound IF IT KILLED US (as opposed to the ITG2/R21 machine that is much closer). And I wanted all that minus the dark filter and with Zero.

We first got to the machine and pet it, then found out that themachinewasreallyreallyquiet on top of all the freezes breaking. At the very least I could find the apparently cheery game tech guy who gladly turned up the volume and that’s where things started getting awesome.

Zero came up early on and HE’S SO BEAUTIFUL IN HD I CAN’T CONTAIN MY FANGIRL ;ω; We wound up getting him at least five times, along with basically every other non-e-Amuse character except it screwed us over on Victory Concent and Geisha Zukin. :( We saw them in the demo, though, so that was cuuute.

Despite the pad carp, we all managed to pass some of our hardest songs. My pro bud failed Valkyrie Dimension but it was the effing challenge chart and I think he passed Possession Expert, so I can’t totally complain about the pads. They were just so weird; besides that the left arrow on the left side only had the left sensor working (redundancy!), I couldn’t find anything consistently wrong. 0_o

The game tech told us how he hauled the machine from like two giant states away and put new sensors in it, and it was cute that it’s like he was proud of having this machine. And he should be; he seriously has the newest mix in A REALLY BIG RADIUS I don’t even know how many hours or miles.

And and and I’m just so happy that I got to play on this machine with really cool people who loved the DDR series and are also really nice and silly with silly stories about purses and bread and it was the best day ever. I need to put up some pictures, but my friend took most of the good ones.